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ScatGoddess: Naughty Babycakes is Hungry for Poopy Cake
ScatGoddess: Naughty Babycakes is Hungry for Poopy Cake

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​​I just left the house, and I took the cake that Mom baked the other day, it's been a couple of days so I snuck it out of the house in this bag so she wouldn't see me. I wish she could see it now, I made it look it better with some icing saying "I Love Scat." I am wearing cute pigtails in my blue cotton bodysuit.

I am so horny and hungry to taste my poop and to cum hard for you! I pull my blue bodysuit to the side to pee and poop right on top of the pink cake thinking of you. I've been waiting to get dirty all day. It looks so yummy! I turn around and push the rest of my poop out on the cake too peeing and fingering my pussy. Licking my wet fingers I taste so good. I turn back around facing the poopy cake and tease my pussy and breasts, then reach in the bag and pull out my anal beads and fill my ass with them.

I haven't been fucked in so long, I need you to fuck me. I fill and straddle my pussy with a dildo getting myself so horny to eat all the shit for you. My shit smells so good. I fuck my pussy good as I chew up and swallow all of my shit. Enjoy watching and cum with your naughty babycakes while I make Mommy’s baking even better with my poo and cum over and over again.