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Scatty Princess Nighty Multiple Orgasms
Scatty Princess Nighty Multiple Orgasms

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I have been playing for so long and I have shit smeared on my body, pussy, and going down my face. I just finished playing in the video, "ScatGoddess Filthy Cumming with Shitty Pussy & Swallowing." I smell so strong of shit. I want to play one last time and get off a few more times while I am still poopy. I put on my pretty shit stained light pink princess nighty that I had saved from the last time that I got scatty while wearing it. It feels so hot and filthy wearing my pretty poopy outfit. I begin teasing my shitty pussy with my vibrator massager. Enjoy listening to my moans and watching my sexy face, pussy and asshole while I cum again and again finishing up my long scat session.