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Shitting Witch Makes a Toilet Slave Spell
Shitting Witch Makes a Toilet Slave Spell

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I'm a youtube star gone kinky blogger known for my how-to guides to different witchcraft spells. In this video I'm instructing all my witch followers on how to create a binding spell to bend someone's will and make them your slave. 

Follow along as I'm making the spell as I show you how! I have a couple people in mind to become toilet slaves and add them to my collection ;P 

First, shit just a tiny bit and use it to draw a pentagram. I talk a lot about wanting and reveling in touching the turds to make the spell work - you have to want it and be commited! 

Then rub your pussy until it's wet - you can see mine drips some cream while I rub it. This is important! Then release the rest of the turds you've expertly held into the cetre of the pentagram while focussing your intentions. 

Next I rub lollipops in the shit that I will get me slave to eat in order to seal the binding and secure them as my slave forever >:D 

Good luck witches!