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Squirting with THICK TURDs and Making Pops!
Squirting with THICK TURDs and Making Pops!

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I need to cum so bad, and I also feel like I'm full of a great bit shit!

I spread my legs and show you my pussy while i rub my cit until everything is tensing close to orgasm and finally relaxes me into pushing out a really THICK turd! I keeps oozing and piling up on my asshole and it feels so amazing that I start to squirt right at the camera. Wow!

I show my dripping pussy and very messy dirty brown ass and hole. I even rub a lollipop all over my winking starfish! Wouldn't you love to lick this pop? ;) How about these other lollies that I'm coating in the thick smelly shit? This poop is so big that there's plenty for me to share with you, if you're brave enough to take a taste!