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Staying Filthy in Silky Pink Panties
Staying Filthy in Silky Pink Panties

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Added on: 07.04.2021
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I am laying on my bed wearing pink, silky panty playing with my pussy dreaming about you worshiping my ass and shit. As I am rubbing my sweet pussy I think about you getting off while watching me get filthy playing with myself. I begin getting hornier and feel the need to get filthy. I get out some shit I saved from this morning, and start stuffing it into my wet pussy. My panties are so wet you can see the wet marks along with the shine of the satiny sheen. I continue to play with my pussy now all filthy with my smelly poop smeared all over it and in it. I pull my panties back up and wow do I love the feel of masturbating through dirty panties and a shit full pussy. After smearing my poo all over my body, I put some clothes back on and continue to masturbate getting off good while stinky and scatty. I am filthy on my bed fully clothed playing with my hot, shit filled pussy. I moan in pleasure as I touch myself, I take out my saved poo and smear it all over my pussy, I get so horny being filthy and wet I pull out one of my dildos and start fucking my scat filled pussy. I fuck myself over and over, oh god does it feel so good, watch and hear me explode in pleasure as I climax from my dildo fucking my sweet, shitty pussy. See all the exciting action in this extra long clip while I get nasty on my bed staying dirty for a long time.