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Takings Laxatives + Shitting Everywhere BUT the Toilet!
Takings Laxatives + Shitting Everywhere BUT the Toilet!

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I'm feeling backed up and BORED so I'm taking some laxatives. I don't like to do it often because of the cramps but I'm drinking TONS of water and eating lots this time!

First I show off the beautiful black kitchen sink i installed recently by hopping onto the countertop and shitting right on the sparkling, dark surface. Shows off poop beautifully! Looks like I had some really hard dense turds that were clogging me up. Made me hungry so some tea and food and more pills next!

The gallons of tea i had went right through me! maybe that 2nd pill wasn't necessary because I poop into (my beautiful, streamlined, white quartz) bathroom sink and it's super liquid! whew...the food hasn't quite hit yet though so the next round should be more solid. And it IS! It gets way thicker and comes out so satisfyingly, thanks Ducolax :) It goes right into the kitchen trash and it's tons! I made the stinky garbage even stinkier.

That huge dump made me hungry for pancakes (need carbs and sugar!) and those eventually came out into a little plastic yogurt tub :) I think I'm all empty now!

Enjoy lots of views of my poops and my wiping and bloated belly ;P

Happy New Years! Get a clean start just like my bowels did haha