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Toilet-Clogging Thick Poop Dropping From Above
Toilet-Clogging Thick Poop Dropping From Above

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You are sooo far beneath me. If you want my poop, you will just have to lie beneath me and wait.

I show off the cute, pale white ass and climb up on the counter so I can slowly, agonizingly, push out extremely dense, thick turds. They stretch my asshole and I breath hard and moan lightly as the relief and pressure come over my body. All you can do it wait underneath me, anticipating the poop falling onto you.

Once it's all out, I stretch my cheeks apart and squat over you so you can see my dirty asshole as I wipe it clean with paper. I wish you tongue was cleaning me up! Then we examine the big chunky poop. I try to flush it but it clogs on the first flush and I have to reach in a break up the extremely girth-y load.