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2 Angles: Messy NYE Pantyhose Filled Up
2 Angles: Messy NYE Pantyhose Filled Up

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I went out on NYE with these pantyhose I bought special for the event! I love the sparkle on these hose and how they are extra sheer at the top, with nothing but thin nylons covering me, and no panties. I show off these cute black hose I wore to celebrate New Years this year and tell you about the real reason I bought them!

I settle on the ground in a birthing type of position. I’ve set up cameras in front of me and in profile so I have lots of angles to watch from later and see it for myself.

I rub my pussy that is creamy from excitement and smashed up against the tight sheer fabric and then I start to release and push the shit out of me. It tries to squeeze out of the tiny mesh of the pantyhose but has to spread into a big pile. I show you all the angles as it fills my buttcrack and gets my pussy and bush and cheeks all messy.

I sit on it and show how the sticky shit oozes out and marks the floor and then I peel if off and show the filled insides.