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Cassie's Messy Shit-Pops For Dinner!
Cassie's Messy Shit-Pops For Dinner!

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After eating so much junk food yesterday I can already tell that my poop today is going to be really stinky – so I thought I’d make you eat it! I know how much you love licking my shit off a sweet little lollipop, so that’s what your dinner is going to be tonight – some shit-pops!

I squat right in front of you in the tub, holding my ass open so you can see my dirty hole push out three thick, light brown turds, then get in real close so you can clean me off with your tongue. Then I move onto the main course – smushing and twirling the three lollipops through my pile of nasty poop, making sure they’re completely covered in my shit. I leave big chunks of my stinky poo on each of them – I expect you to savor every last bit of the shit-pops, licking and twirling them in your mouth as the taste and smell of my messy turds overwhelms your senses.