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Eating Instructions + Dirty Feet Fetish
Eating Instructions + Dirty Feet Fetish

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If you like feet, in this video I use them to encourage you to eat my whole load of shit. My feet are dirty from doing chores in my dirty house and in the building's hallway and I'm loving showing them off for you. I give instructions on how i want you to sniff, lick, chew and swallow my shit. You are NOT allowed to cum until you finish all the instructions!

You also get to see me push of the shit and imagine yourself eating it right straight from my ass. I wipe with toilet paper as I have gotten thick smears on my crack. I want you to lick up the shit like you are cleaning me personally. Enjoy the views and don't cheat! If it takes you several tries of going over from the beginning, then that's the training you have to do in order to be able to cum ;)