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Goddess Filled Sugar Cookies
Goddess Filled Sugar Cookies

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I am in my bathroom ready to begin preparing Goddess filled sugar cookies for you, my starving toilet. I begin by first mixing cookie ingredients, and then I undress to add my special ingredients, my pee and poo. I squat over with my ass facing you and unload a creamy poo right into the bowl. Next, I lean over the pile in the bowl, and add my spit to the mix. I mix all of the precious ingredients from my sexy Goddess body. I need to remove the dirt and dead skin from the bottom of my feet. I use a Pedi egg collecting my foot dust right over the mixing bowl. Once I have finished, I open the Pedi egg and add my foot dust to the rest of the cookie ingredients. While mixing everything up, I spit adding more of my Goddess body into the bowl. Before going to bake your scat sugar cookies I let you worship and kiss my dirty Goddess ass!