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Seven Months Prego Poops
Seven Months Prego Poops

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I need my sexy pregnant body, ass, and of course my poop worshiped! I am seven months along, and my belly is getting so full and round. My breasts and butt have also gotten bigger. I come into my bathroom nude allowing you to follow me. First, I rub my big belly, and breasts, so you can see how my body is changing. Next, I turn around and spread my ass cheeks. I want you to kiss and worship my asshole before I reach my fingers inside to find all of my pregnant shit! I’m so horny for you to shoot loads of cum to my hot shit. I reach my fingers in my asshole and pull out my firm turds. I continue collecting my poop until I can’t feel anymore inside of my asshole. I collect all of my poop balls in hold them in my hands for you to enjoy and worship. My pregnant poop balls are perfect to pop right into your mouth! Yummy Precious Pregnant Goddess Poop!