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Stinky, Dirty Feet + Loud, Nasty Farts JOI
Stinky, Dirty Feet + Loud, Nasty Farts JOI

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I have noticed you checking out my dirty soles and long, pale toes in my flip flops. You dirty thing! I have much more for you to appreciate than just my dirty feet ;) If you like the smelly stench coming off of my unwashed soles, you're gonna love how gassy my dirty asshole can get! And I'm gonna watch you jerk off your big penis while I show off.

I pose a few ways to show you my holes and soles and spread my cheeks, stretching my asshole as much as I can and pushing out lots of stinky wet sounds farts right in your face! I get excited by all the smells and finger my grubby asshole to get extra nasty.

At the end I count you down to bust a nut, all while looking at my tasty, nasty red painted toes and loud, farting butthole!