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Two Big Poops + Bagging Them For You
Two Big Poops + Bagging Them For You

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You know, I thought it was a little weird when you told me you wanted to watch me shit after we’d only been dating for a couple months…. But ever since I started, I could never go back to using the toilet – especially since you do such a good job of licking me clean after every poop! Since you’re out of town for the weekend, I thought I’d record my two shits – don’t worry, I bagged them up so you can play with them later!

You watch me get on my knees and bend over, my pussy lips hanging down and my dirty asshole winking as I push out a solid, hard log onto the floor. Of course, since I love you so much, I come closer to the camera and spread my ass for you, letting you see the little bits of shit hanging off for you to lick clean!

Then you get to see the next days poop – you watch my asshole stretch as I push it out, my toes curling. This one’s way stinkier, and is all soft and mushy – just how you like it! I give you a long close up of the shit, talking bout how big it is and looking at the little chunks of food in it. Finally, I let you watch as I bag it up, sealing the stinky turds away, just waiting for you to come back!