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Farting and Slowly Pushing Thick Erotic Turds
Farting and Slowly Pushing Thick Erotic Turds

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I've been holding in this big poop since I tried my first enema and I'm excited to see what this totally fresh turd will be like. I've been eating very healthy and describe the food and the holding and how nice it's felt. I even show off the panties I was wearing and all the creamy grool in them and the dirty skidmarks.

I decide to finally let this poop out and I show off my pretty toes and the soles of my feet while I spread my ass and veryyy slowly savor the feeling of the thick shit stretching me and sliding out. I describe the feeling and moan in pleasure and relief. The pooping is shown again in a zoomed in shot. Then I finish by showing my dirty asshole and lots of shots of the poop and all its textures and colours.