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Mama Gives you Thanksgiving Leftovers + Instructions
Mama Gives you Thanksgiving Leftovers + Instructions

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I've got lots of chores to do cleaning everything up from Thanksgiving! I don't have time to mind you but I do love you and appreciate all your hard work as my toilet slave so I'll take some time to make you a nice thanksgiving snack! It's your job to eat it all :)

I'm looking very sexy with my plush robe doing nothing to cover up my juicy ass and ample cleavage so you're finding it very easy to agree to all my chores while I take a firm, chewy shit and make cookie sandwiches for you, including a nice mini turd to eat on its own as well. I've even filmed myself pushing it out onto a little plate for you so you can watch that while you eat up!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy my leftovers ;)